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  • Thanks Mono! It's been so helpful to hear and see about how other people do poly since it's new to me and quite complex at times. :)
    Morning, MonoVCPHG. I figure you're a busy guy, don't want to waste your time. I have a small question of definition here. You senior site members, as you define polyamory generally speaking, does it mean three or more people cohabiting and or in the same bed together? At the same time? Or could it include people like me who only like one-on-one, but like it with more than one partner: that is, one person at a time but they have an intimate relationship with more than one person?

    If polyamory includes the above, what is the latest definition of swinging? I haven't used the term since my generation invented it in the sixties and seventies, and don't know what the young people have done with it since.

    I realize these may be subjective definitions and are possibly putting you on the spot, as they might me or anyone. If the site has a glossary or similar you can direct me to I would be thankful.

    I hope you and yours are doing fine and y'all are having a weekend you enjoy! :D
    Well I kind of dropped back for awhile because I'm not really sure if my potential poly relationship is a "go" or " no go". And, I tend toward monogamy.
    Thank you for the b day wish. And thank you for the advice, it has helped in my life.
    I want to change my user name, do you know how? I'm still learning how to use this forum.
    Thanks! I can see how Christie found this forum useful. I like how it is a mix of folks with different perspectives and not just poly, poly, poly... Yay poly. I'm confident we'll manage to work things out. Thanks again. -Andy
    hi. he does rock... he's my boyfriend. You seem to be pretty darn awesome your own self, so... friend request accepted. :)
    I'm still trying to figure out how to find things on The other day I was so proud of myself cause I figured out how to post my profile pic.I will post more pic soon.Thanks for typing back .Lex : )
    I want you to know your Photo's cheered me up.I'm new on the forum & I'm trying find away to heal my broken heart.Looking at your photo's,make me feel some day I might be able to find my poly luv again.My poly's friend his Wife tried to accept our life style.She doesn't believe in poly but she tried to live the poly life as a mono but she couldn't shake her feelings.She broke our poly life up 3 wks ago.She still wants to be friends but that's hard on me.So I'm here to thank you for sharing your photo's.U mentioned you felt u were lucky.I must say your all so lucky to have each other.Hold that close to your heart & enjoy : ) Thanks again ,Lex
    I one would want me if I wasn't so mono...I'm the forbidden fruit..errr you know what I mean :)
    You guys are going to have to help us get some pics when we visit. I was thinking about it this morning. It's always one of the three of us holding the camera, so we have no good pics of the three of us together.
    I know for me that having a VISUAL reminder would be wonderful. I can't help but think that the guys would be less inclined to deny those good times together existed if there were pictures confirming the existance. It's like "out of sight out of mind" but backwards. You know?
    (came and dug around so I could see the ring) :)
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