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  • Hey! I was just browsing through posts...I actually have only ever been to the site (until just now) from my phone. So if I clicked something it was likely a touch screen fail. ;)
    we disposed of Buffalo but we'll have our hands (and fists) full with the Bruins. tough break with the 'guins losing to Tampa. never became much of a Lightning fan even though I live here now....still an old Philly guy at heart I guess
    ooh goody :) thanks for sharing that. I'm really busy at the moment so am only responding to the threads I've subscribed to.

    How are you doing you gorgeous thing :)
    I saw :) Looking forward to reading the rest. We should be heading home sometime in may, wanna try to meet for drinks?
    I tried out fetlife but didn't really understand it and then got a bit freaked when someone wanted me to be their "dom". I feel like at the moment I have to keep two identities, Sage (for poly stuff) and Deb for other because my 'other' involves working with kids and I don't think a 'poly' life is a great thing to have with that identity. My goal is to be able to let the work with children go and eventually be able to merge the two identities. So while I would love you to be a facebook friend at the moment anyway I have to keep that for Deb and keep Sage well away. ttfn2 :)
    Hi to you too. I haven't had much time for the board lately, I'm busy painting, packing and selling things off. Z has already started his new job in Australia so we'll be apart for Christmas :-( I hope you guys all have a nice (and peaceful) Christmas.
    The Winter Classic!! Lucky girl. Hope the Pens kill 'em. I can't stand the Capitals. Underachieving whiners.
    Ha! I'm not cooking a damn thing. Well two pies and cranberry orange sauce. But definitaly not spending the day in the kitchen. That's for Christmas. How bout you? Hope you guys have a great day. I know I'm thankful and blessed for new friendships.
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