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    Hi Beth, My name is Joe, I live in Las Vegas. Would there be any way I could get to know you more??
    Lol what would i do with it? I could use it to do various things that would bring about deep sweet meaningfull togetherness and substanc! On the other hand, it all depends on the woman in you, needs, desires, longings etc. Does she love chocolate flavoured sweetness? Does she love to mix her vanilla flavoured sweetness with chocolate flavoured sweetness? If she open minded enough not to allow society, friends, family dictate how she should live her life? Is she openminded enough embrace the 21 century and welcome culture in her life mix the ingredience in order to have not just good and better, but best. Also to make sweetnessbe even sweeter.
    can you teach me about what to do in this web page
    Hello Beth. Nice to see another person in the Carolinas on this site. I'm in Durham, NC. I'm also new to the site and new to the concept. Any advice on how to get around in the community and meet people would be welcome..... Frank
    Hi Beth I am In Austrailia. I think I might go to vancouver next year before burning man. I will have a week to kill so Im seeing what flights are going cheap and I will take it from there. When I was in San Francisco last week I met a Canadian lady who suggested driving accross the bourder because it is cheaper than flying. I will be checking this out too.
    chat soon Dave
    Hi Beth. I'm new to this site and to polyamory. Where are you at physically and metaphorically?
    Hi Beth! I'm new to this forum and saw you in the Unicorn group. I saw that you have a USC hat on in your pictures - did you go to USC? I am in the class of 2001.
    things are a bit stained actually. Nothing ot do with the move. Read Redpepper's Blog. We'll be ok. Take care and maerry Xmas!
    Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend. :)
    Hello Beth... I just joined today. Did you get moved and settled in Az?
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