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    I've been considering getting a mooncup for some time now, i never used to have periods because of my PCOS but my body is starting to get itself back in order and because of that when i have my periods they last for a long time and they're really heavy and i'm sorry but £3 for a pack of 12 pads...
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    Newbie Here :)

    Hey Firstly my name is Neesh and im 19, or at least will be in 2 months. I'm from nottingham and i've had a girlfriend for the past 2 years. Recently we've discussed the possibility of polyamory and my girlfriend has another girl that she's kind of seeing so i joined just so i can get to know...
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    Tats & Piercings?

    ive got my lip pierced twice, my tongue pierced and my ears stretched to 10mm. I used to have 3 lip piercings, tongue, navel, nose, ears stretched to 18mm and scaffold piercing and anti-eyebrow. I miss my piercings :( I've also got a half sleeve of a phoenix and two men outlin but i dont like...
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    what? no uk peeps

    i'm from the uk :D nottingham to be precise