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    Hello. Very new to this site though not to the philosophy behind it. Tired of trying to fit the American norm when nothing about it makes sense. Just saw that you have similair interests and wanted someone to talk with. Many thanks Peace, Luv
    Thanks. I just wanna meet a nice girl and settle down and have kids and pets and all that good stuff.
    I don't blame myself. I know I deserve better. I am just really naive it seems and I tend to see the best in people no matter how much they prove me wrong. I've been talking to my friends and they have all told me to give it some time and I will find someone eventually. There just don't seem to be enough nerdy girls around here and all the ones I do meet are already taken. And everyone I meet online lives too far away, just wants to be friends, or is dating someone and is polyamorous which I don't want to do again. The only reason I agreed to it with my wife was because I didn't want to lose her but I have realized polyamory isn't really for me.
    I'm trying not to let her make me bitter. It's just hard rebuilding trust again after being hurt so badly and I'm worried that when I do find someone else to date I won't be able to trust them because of the way she treated me. All three of the people I have dated have lied to me and used me and two of them cheated on me so it's hard to trust anyone.
    Hey I just saw your message you sent ages ago. This is the first time I have been on here in ages. Idk if I even told everyone that my wife and I were breaking up. It's going pretty badly. She turned out to be a cruel, manipulative, bitch who has been playing me for a fool through our entire relationship. She cheated on me with three of my close friends after getting them totally plastered and telling them I was okay with it. Now she is going around telling people that I crossdress and some other things I asked her to keep a secret. She is trying to screw me out of money she owes me and generally being a bitch. The sad part is I still miss the person I fell in love with. The person I thought she was.
    As a musician myself, it's one of the few subjects I have great knowledge in. =P I know a lot of little things about many different subjects, but music is one of the things I put a lot of effort into understanding. =] I could probably do much the same with science. =P Not that I see the two subjects as hugely different. XD Often approaching music writing with a mathmatical/logical mind. Probably because creativity is lacking for me. =P
    Very welcome. I enjoy getting to know people with awesome taste in music. =D If you're on facebook at all, it'd be cool if you added me there. I'm on it more often and use it as my main base of communication with a lot of people. =P I believe.
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