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  • Hi Cindie. I read your reply to my post in the mono thread and then read all yours. You seem an interesting person. I am only less than 4 months into this and feel I have had almost a lifetimes's worth of new emotions (some good some bad) already. You got all that to come. But I can sense your enthusiasm for life. Good luck. PM me anytime you want to talk, I like to get messages and you never know I might be able to help with something.

    Regards, James
    Hi cindie. I posted on your thread. I hope you don't mind but I wanted to get some more insight from you. I've been married for a year. I'm going through things with my wife to the point where I feel I can't be myself with her. You know, keeping secrets and what not. I don't know if I'm wrong, we both are, or what.
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