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  • Hey everyone.. just brand new here.. McAlester Oklahoma area.. anyone around here ?
    Hi! I just saw your artwork on the poly artists' group I started, then abandoned to its own fate.

    I feel a bit guilty, having started this group and then absenting myself [not just from the group: from the whole web-site] for so long. I'm sorry that I've been out of touch for so long. Please check out part of the reason why.

    Would you be interested in illustrating children's books? If so, click on that link! (I must warn you that the pay is miserable... UNLESS we hit it big - because it's a %age of the profits.)

    Hello, I live in Oklahoma too, nice to make your acquaintance, and I count as lesbian, so you can know up front, I am not looking for sex from you.
    There are poly groups in Oklahoma, we meet at restaurants and talk. Get to know friendly faces. and encourage each other in difficult times. Quiet a few do facebook too.
    Hello I am a single gentleman living in n e Ok interested in a m/f/m relationship . Maybe we could talk if u like PM me.
    Hi thanks for the friend request!
    There is a polyandry group on facebook that I am a member of. Though we are not a specific kind of poly. I am married, and bi and 46. I have no other partners at the moment, but would love to find one. lolol or two....
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