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    hello olivier, im trying to see if i can find someone to help me out here. i was married for 15yr and lost him in a car wreck 9yrs ago, and then was with a guy on and off for 7yrs who also had a wife who know about him and i. we were not all 3 a couple, it just happend that way , he would be at my house and then at your house back and fourt but it just wasnt working out. i would like to see if someone could help me find how i can get info about gay/bi polyamory, i really like this life style and would like to know how to get started and how do i meet people and so on , if you could help me i would be thankful.
    Howdy, Oliver! Thanks for being our Moderator! I saw that your profile indicated you had no friends, yet, and that's just not right if you ask me! ;)
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