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  • Hey! I would love to know how you four are doing because Ryan & I hope to eventually have a quad with a couple. Any advice?
    I just wanted to drop a heart felt thank you from me. Your post on LR's thread ....well it was somthing that she needed. We laid in bed talking about it for a long time lastnight. Thank you

    I quad is two cross couples. While Kitten is bi, I'm not. So, she has a romantic relationship with my husband, Gator, and I have a romantic relationship with her husband, Tech.

    I've been told that quad configurations are not as common because they are more difficult to maintain. I do see the reality of that. But we are making things work so far.

    Ask anything you would like to know.
    Well my last lover had eyes that were almost identical to that. So I see your avatar and go OMG!! MICHAEL! LOL.

    But... it's you, not him. So... Oh well. ROFL. But it does give me happy memories. :D

    Our quad... so... Triad is a threesome? A quad is... a foursome? So do you have a foursome functional? Or am I being nosey? LOL
    LOL! HI! Just got done reading your post in the 'swinging' thread. Solid opinions are a good thing btw. :-D

    And I wanted to say that your avatar is mezmorizing me... *stares at it...* LOL. It reminds me of the eyes of someone I love very much. And adds a certain mystisque to your online personality I guess?

    LOL. Anyway... thought I would babble on your profile some. :) And if you like, feel free to babble back! :D
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