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  • thank you for your article post on cheating. you said alot of things that seemed to run parallel with my life somewhat. there is alot of talk about being honest with your partner. which i value above all,infact its nearly an obssession with me,i cant lie lol.
    but for those whose honesty lacks from within,not capable of being honest with themselves can create more damage than lying to your partner.not enuff people mention self honesty,and it has to begin there.thanks
    hello!! ^_^ I just wanted to say you have one of my favorite poems in your signature (Listen To The Mustn'ts) I've read, reread, dissected and redissected that poem too often to count. Its so simple, yet so beautiful, and truly embodies the idea of limitless possibilities, while still understanding the risks and cautions... Everytime I see a post by you I dissect it again lol... sorry about the long hello... but hiiii lol XD
    LOL so you noticed my plea of ignorane? :d

    Yes, I was utterly perplexed when my friend called me a unicorn. 0_0 I was like "Do I have a HUGMONGOUS zit on my fore head or something?" I think I have the general idea of what she meant now though.

    Sorry for bombarding you with public info questions btw. LOL. Just interested and I do like to learn about people from the people themselves. Spares me confusion later. *chuckle*

    Hope you are having a good evening. :)
    OOOH! neat sort behind it! :)Thanks for the link. That's an interesting thread.

    How long have you been on this forum if I may ask?

    I've posted to the Moderator's forum that you'd be willing to help with moderation and given you the full three thumbs up. Do -- please -- make your offer to Olivier - [email protected] . As I said, I need to spend less time at www.polyamory.com for now. And thanks!
    Thanks for the thoughts Rarechild, we feel the caring on here for sure. We're learning new stuff and moving forward! Take care and say hi to Damcat for me!
    We are all camping this weekend with friends, I'm meeting them in a couple of hours. It's taking Redpepper's mind off it a bit I think. Hard to explain all the things we are feeling but the three of us are solid in our love. Thanks for your concern. I hope your own things are all good as soon as possible.

    Take care
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