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    I would like to be friends on facebook.
    I'm new to the site and still trying to figure out its quirks. For example, I'm curious why, re: private messages, it says "0 sent messages" even though I've sent a half dozen or so. And is there a way for me to re-read the messages I've sent?
    Hi! I would like to be your friend on Facebook! I spend more time on there than anywhere else and would like to have people I could chat with about poly things! You should be able to find me at
    Hi, I would like to be your friend on FB. Here in New Zealand I dont know anyone to chat to who is in a poly relationship. I am the NEW Girl in a relationship with a married couple, weve been living together almost a year, after my marriage breakup. Its been very hard at times due to jealously but the love is amazing. We have children and our families and most friends dont know about us. J
    Hi I would like to be your friend on FB...I like your ideas and the way you live your poly life...I am newly poly with my husband...but we were swingers for many years and recently opened out marriage. Its going ok so name on FB is Ellie Cook...not sure if that is enough for you to find me or what is the best course...:)
    hi I understand you also run a private FB group for Poly people? wondering if you would consider sending me that link.. my husband and I are Poly and we are involved in a couple f different fb groups for Poly...
    Hey there Red Pepper! Do you just moderate, or would you be able to tell me why my profile pic won't upload?
    I would hate to find out the location that you are putting a redpepper if this wasn't PG rated. Merry Christmas! I wish you well.... cool photo! I love the concept.
    Hi redpepper, I'm new to the site and have been reading off and on various posts etc to learn more about poly lifestyle. I've seen your posts inviting others to FB and I wanted to msg you to that end. I'm really new to alot of this, but know that I am poly in nature. It would be good to have a reliable sounding board to go to. I hope I've posted this in the right location since I'm still learning the site layouts etc. Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.
    RP - first let me say thank you for your entries. I have been tryign to catch up on of them by you and Mono, but haven't quite made it that far yet. You two are an inspiration to myself and my triad-in-progress. Our situation is, well, it's not quite like anything I have found on here, and I've looked!! The information is very helpful and would love to chat sometime....if I was to explain our situation here, those around us would EASILY figure things out, and right now - it's not the time :(
    hello i have read some of your posts and you have been very helpful when it comes to understanding polyamory and the ups and downs and i just wanted to say thank you
    I just looked at your picture about the role of privilige, and I think where my husband and i are are stuck between him wanting a harem (or at least one other girl) and complete permission for both of us. He has not stopped me from being with numerous other men, even though I find that i think i am doing so as a distraction from what he wants and is doing, and looking for a backup in case we fall apart. how do we handle all these emotions and gain a balance? i think we want to stay together, i mean 12 years is a long time and I for one have a fear of the unknown if we do break up. i don't think i will find someone i am so comfortable with or that would put up with me the way he does. i am just so scared and confused. any support and insight would be appreciated.
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