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  • I'm glad you like the chart...I think I will develop it more and I have other visuals to creat as they help me immensely :)
    You already knew who I was didn't you...maybe because I'm all over RP's facebook lol!!
    Yes, the living roof thing looks to be a very good idea! I'll look into it some more.

    You can always email me at jrivermartin *at* . I prefer this method to chatting via "Visitor Messages" in the forum.

    Well, yes, we have some things in common, for sure! If you lived in my neck of the woods, I'd surely ask you to introduce me to some plants around here. We have lots of them, and I don't know many of their names. I do have a copy of Botany for Gardeners, and really ought to spend some time getting acquainted with it. I do garden -- but my plot is ridiculously small here at the duplex apartment! and the sun isn't so good (too much shade). One day, I'd like to live in an intentional community and/or ecovillage with others ... where we'd have a LARGE garden and produce a sizable portion of our own food! My partner and I have looked for land for a sort of homestead that could grow into that sort of thing, if the law allowed... but the energy on that sorta stalled for now. We'll see!
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