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  • Hello Rob,
    Cute cub couple here looking to find a nice guy to join a little tribe.
    Im a 33 latin man and my partner is a 29 south Dakota man, we been together for eight years.
    We both very easy going. We like listen to music by the pool, have nice dinners at home and some game night with friends ones in a while.
    [email protected]
    Thank you for the welcome. It has been an interesting journey. We have met some interesting and crazy people since we started. Many are really just looking for a hot threesome. Which is fun too. But ultimately not the goal.
    We have also
    Met some really nice guys. None have been a great fit but we have made some good friends.
    What is your story?
    Joshua here.
    just read ur reply u put on tonmar01's post, Im D, the 3rd in the relationship. Things are goin really well and love them both,now living with them, so goin really well.
    how r u?
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