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  • Hi River, may I get connected with you through some direct contact like email or facebook or skype? I like to get engaged in conversation on polyamory and Buddha Dharma (Vajrayana) ? I am from Nepal.
    River.. i loved your comment on being biamorous and prefering to be referred that way instead of bisexual. just wanted to say hello - I am super new at this and love this site. Reading it has been very helpful. MuaH !
    There are two Rivers here now: which one is this?

    River: feel free to add your own comments to this 'disambiguation' thread (as wikipedia would call it). I now link to it in my sig, in the hope of lessening the confusion a little: feel free to do the same from your sig.

    hi River:
    thanks for your visitor message the other day: I sent you a private message back.

    But I will say in public, we are different people (me British, Quaker, you I think US Buddhist?), but with the same great taste in a name!

    All the best,

    (the other 1)
    The artist's group seems to be off to a slower start than I expected. I still think it is a good idea though.
    Dear River:

    Hello. I have read all your posts listed here this morning. So, I wanted to ask you a question and make a comment.

    Comment: Being lesbian, African American, and interested in the polyamory lifestyle is breaking 3 taboos. It is both emowering and painful. Because of the pain, I struggled. Finding solutions to the problems, caused me to grow and empower myself.
    But, it is an ONGOING struggle.

    QUESTION: New York has a large LGBT Polyamory group. Because I am new, I just want to MEET with lesbians interested in polyamory. I have seen ONE WOMEN ONLY group in Northern California which may or may not be a lesbian group.

    Any suggestions on finding lesbians near Southern California interested in this subject?

    Ebony Femme
    I understand you are in SF new mexico - I'm coming out of my conoon, and want to connect with other LGBT poly people in new mexico. Thanks, Alma May in Albuquerque
    Hi River. I believe you can see all pictures on here but I'm sending you a friend request just in case you'ld like to see the Redpepper tribe LOL! No pressure though. Take care :)
    thanks James or all your responses I will be in Vegas fri thru sun so please contact me before or after not sure if i am taking a laptop. I would really like to help in any way possible thanks.
    Hi the chat url goes to a empty page would you like me to
    setup and host a chat system I use to own and run a ISP
    I am a happy homemaker, too. You and I have the same philosophies it seems, like when it comes to work for example. I remember how rich I felt when I came across info on frugal living. I did not have to win a million dollars to live happily, I just needed to focus on frugality and re-access what I want and what I don't and why. So I was like you, I was tired of giving so much of my energy away only to have the weekends to live. Sacrificing material things in order for us to live more stress free and happy is much much more important to me.
    I have that same dream... I am moving into a house in a couple of weeks, atleast we will have space for a few veggies!
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