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  • we are also in Kelowna looking to meet a lady such as yourself. let us know if you are interested in meeting up
    Hi, we are considering a polyamorous relationship - we've spoken many times about it before. We are in South Wales too. Happy to talk
    Just want to apologise to anyone who has messaged me on here in the last 6 months. I was off here for quite some time and I don't receive e-mail updates when I get messages.
    hi there am single guy from Liverpool feel free to chat
    Hi uk poly friends! My name is Alex from Cambridge. I am married and I am in a "opening" relationship. In other words I and my wife have been exploring polyamory for the last few months. :)
    Hi River Rose,
    My wife & I live in south Wales and have recently come out of a very happy long term poly situation. We would love to hear from you to share experiences.
    Thank you! Wish I'd known about polyamory before. The guy I have feelings for has gone out of his way to make me feel guilty. I suppose it was to put me off, even though I had tried to explain that it wasn't necessary as I didn't intend to pursue anything with him. Even if he were to decide that he liked me, I don't think I would consider him.

    Anyway, hello to you fellow uk poly! I'm actually English myself :)

    Kim xxx.
    Hello there. Welcome to the forum. I reaed your introductory post, and saw that you are also close by, in Wales [I'm just over in England, so hi, neighbour!].
    I thought your story seemed rather upsetting, but with the more happy point of you figuring out that it's quite alright to love many. =]
    I went through similar points, early on in understanding my own poly. Where people couldn't understand it, but I came to just take it as who I am. I hope you find all the support from everyone here encouraging, and helpful. I've certainly felt at home with many of the regulars here. =]
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