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  • Hi Roly - I've been reading your posts. If your man is gay or bi, then my guess is that he would be ecstatic about being with you , so long as you were cool with him being a guy too from time to time. I'm bi. And I can tell you that the woman who comes into my life who is able to receive my love and give me love and be at peace with me being with other men, is going to be the woman I will be devoted to for the rest of my life. Don't know if that helps, but would love to hear
    Hey RolyPoly...I'd like to send you a friend request but I have one little concern. There's a private album on it that shows Redpepper's family. We're out but I still wouldn't want to find out your my nieghbor LOL!! I live in
    Aww, thanks. I guess my abruptness at trimming the fat in my life came across a little more dramatically than I had intended. Text can be so easily misunderstood. :p
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