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    How are you doing today...? I am new to this and I would like to get to know you for sure... I am on the southside of Houston!
    Hi Ruby, I just read the thread about needing a decent book. I will for sure read the rest of the thread but I am the same as you, "less about sex, more about love and connection" and about helping your husband understand. I was hoping that maybe we could connect, I'm alone out here and struggling and really would like to connect with like minded women in similar circumstances. I too am the poly one....after 20 years of marriage I discovered this about myself. I see you havent been here since september. Maybe we can exchange personal email if you prefer not to visit here often? If you're life keeps you too busy, I entirely understand!! I have four kids 22,18,8 & 7 so I wont feel "rejected" if you cant! LOL Let me know your thoughts. Thank you, Laurie
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