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  • anneintherain's tag line says it well....A bit odd to post here as a "visitor" but it embodies so much of the outlook I've had seemingly forever....

    "Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have." Thanks Anne
    well if can't beat them join them....perhaps times (X2) we might start see his wife posting now ... hey how did mono put a smilie on her ... take care D
    Thanks Mono...I said to islandgy9 ("IG" I found it touching your location is In Redpeppers Heart. IG spoke about her often and I see why. I asked IG to look up passive-aggressive behavior recently. I don't have the definition in hand, but yesterday morning a brief in-person interaction left me running on one cylinder the rest of the day...and I recognized the psychic bruise passive-aggressiveness left on me, only this morning. I will point him toward your album with the convergent/divergent schematic. Thank you!
    Thank you for the friend request :) Sorry to hear about the divergent paths...maybe you could show him some of my family pics and things might seem more possible. Check out my that we are friends you have access to hidden ones. They show our family and friends. Take care and stay strong .
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