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  • LOL, mine is only scared of bugs that he thinks there is a good reason to be scared of... eg, he doesn't like specific spiders, or specific animals that are deadlier than others lololol.... I'm just glad he will take care of any that I'm too scared of to handle myself... and he thinks my willow tree wolf spider story is hilarious.
    husbands are good for genociding spiders... although mine makes fun of me for it. Whatever... I keep his head screwed on straight lol
    hahaha I can relate for sure. I'm glad I've never had to even make that choice, hahaha... I always joke with XIV (hubby) that I hope there isn't a zombie apocolypse, because I'm not sure I could run away through the woods.... and basically the scariest thing I can imagine is a zombie clown chasing me into a crazy forest with giant spiders.
    Hahahaha, I literally hate spiders too... I actually have a really intense horror story about why.

    I was camping as a kid, maybe 7 or 8... and one of my dad's friends had brought a similar aged daughter. She told me that wolf spiders were the size of wolves, and hunted in packs.... underwater. (We were camped at a lake)

    SO I wouldn't go in the water at all, and was playing under a willow tree, when I felt something on my arm, and I looked to see hundreds of little black baby spiders crawling on me. I screamed something fierce and my dad came running... grabbed me and swooped me into the lake with him, taking me under the water.

    So then I was struggling and kicking and screaming because of the giant wolf spiders under the surface of the lake while he was trying to get the actual spiders off of me....

    so yeah... I hate spiders. hahaha
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