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  • Do you have any amours who live close to you and are regularly in your life? This is important to me because this seems to be the major difference between poly/mono relationships working and not working. As long as the other relationships are far away and don't impact us too much or too often we can cope, but as soon as they are in our face, competing for time and affecting our day to day lives things start to turn to custard.
    That's fine, Sage. Outside relationships are serious committed. We're (the wife and I) currently working on a situation where one of my amors (ten years though we've been geographically separated for several) and her daughter might relocate across the country. We bought a house with the intention that it would be big enough for another woman and child, and this lady has repeatedly talked about being a sister wife. Wish us luck!
    Hi Sagency, I'd just like to make sure that it is OK for me to use that post of yours on my blog Do you mind telling me how poly you are? Do you have serious committed others or are the relationships outside your primary one more casual.


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