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  • .....your quote about not wanting to be defined.
    I think that there are questions that are really just trying to put people in boxes. One of them is "how old are you?" If a person said that they were 12 or 90 and the questioner believed this, then they would start treating that person as a 12 or 90 year old. The person would actually be the same age, unchanged. I guess people would ask "how much money do you have?" or, are you male or female (if it weren't obvious and they could get away with it). These are all intrusive questions in my opinion,.
    Hey, you could be a witch with all of those vines and a house built into the hill, perhaps brewing up a potion that would make someone kind and caring, loving even. You could do good work there. Maybe you could create a nice garden as a bonus for yourself.
    A Saskaoonian who calls herself SchrodingersCat? I fully approve!
    What a surprise to find someone on this site who calls herself SchrodingersCat. I see, a Physics major. Well I'm brand new to this site today. Not sure how it works. Hope to learn a few things, make some friends, and have some fun. That's why we're here, isn't it? So ... happy to learn you exist.
    Hey! I just joined.. I'm from Stoon as well :)
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