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  • Hi Gemini
    I really suggest you try and get a lomi lomi. it is very relaxing.it can be done 4 handed as well as 2 handed...i have had both. it is a massage where the forarms are used more than the hands..if you can imagine flowing strokes with the forarms over your body and under your body..it is generally done without towels so the whole body can be treated without a towel getting in the way. it is sensual..relaxing and i like to have a minimum of 90 mins normally i like 2 hours. if 4 handed ...you lose track of where the arms are and just float in the feeling of your whole body being touched carressed and massaged. yes it is very sensual....of course..a man will normally get erection but everyone understands this and it is no problem...try it..you will enjoy it so much
    take care and have fu

    Hey Scuba:) I've never had a
    Lomi Lomi massage. I'd like to hear about your experience if you don't mind. I do more traditional, Swedish(relaxation) Deep tissue, hot stone. I have seen Thai massage but have not experienced it personally. I really like MyoFacial release. I wanna learn Reiki, which is Energy healing. I have had it done to me a few times and the effects
    Are astounding.
    Hi Gemini
    You can tell me all about massages..i love them....i have had many lomi lomi massages which i think are really great...i have tried the traditional thai massages but find them to hard and painfull.,..but i really just enjoy the sensual soft relaxinhg massages. i guess i am a softy hehe. often i have fallen asleep on the table...woken up feeling embarressed but the masseuse has always but my mind at rest about that as it is one sign that i am totally relaxed and enjoying it. when possible i prefer a no towel massage but some masseuses prefer to place a modesty towel on me..which i dont mind if thats what they want.
    i hope i have not bored youy with my tales...and thanks for the welcome:)
    Hey scuba:) yup
    Massages are pretty AWSOME. Aside from the odvious reasons like relaxation and tension reduction. They do so much more inside. I could go on all day about the benefits because I am quite passionate about sharing massage, but I won't, unless you ask about it, lol. Anyway, welcome to the forum:)

    Thanks for message..sorry I have taken time to reply but I have been in USA visting my son who lives there...Im 54 from UK ..now single after marriage....looking to find a family in which i can have a full relationship...but at first..just friends and see what transpires.
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