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    I am very attractive, honest, romantic and spiritual person who loves active way of life.
    I am open minded and ready for new situations.
    Since one year ago I realized I wanna try polyandrous relationship...with a lot of love and passion.
    I really like the idea of sharing my girlfriend/wife with her another boyfriend/husband.

    So right now I am looking for nice couple or woman with similar life philosophy for a long-term relationship, polyandrous "marriage".
    They should be a positive vibrated persons, with sense of humor and ready to take what life brings to them.
    They should believe in true love...

    interested in something like that?
    do u mind knowing a guy,???? I m looking for a couple..
    Thanks! I found it printed on the inside of a water-bottle etiquette. Since Adams is one of my favourite authors and the quote fits polyamory so well, I thought it must be fate :)!
    So now that we are friends, tell me about yourself! :) Your hopes, your dreams, your fears. Do you guys ever make it to the Albany area? We would really like to get to know you both better and see if we could all get along and are a potential match. Would you all like to meet up for drinks sometime? What would you like to know about us? Hope to hear from you soon!!
    hey how are you? I almost never get on this site, but i seen ur friend request & i like ur profile,, so what part of Ga. do u live in? feel free to ask me anything, im a very open & honest kind of person
    I just want to feel a mental/emotional connection & have a relationship, if sex is also a part of keeping that relationship balanced, then that would be great.
    I would love to chat back and forth, but my husband and I are not looking for a relationship that involves any other men, simply because my husband believes it wouldn't be fair to the other man. He could never fully love (i.e. give himself sexually) to another man and we desire to practice full equality between all members of our poly relationships.

    However, I would love to chat with you about your experiences and share stories! Thanks for the message. :)
    Hello everyone! If you are my friend then you will be able to view my picture album on the right. Also, there is a short description under the 'about me' section.
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