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    Hi Friends.

    I am a single male from the south west of Scotland. I have never tried polyamory before, but the idea of having a poly-loving relationship functioning on the basis of poly-consent and poly-openness with like-minded people seems like an awesome challenge.

    Although, unlike you, I'm so far totally inexperienced in the polyamorous field, I feel that we probably do have much else in common. Like you, I'm well educated, and I especially enjoy friendship with intelligent and intellectual. By profession, I am a food technologist, though I am presently studying law as a mature student. My main hobbies are chess and music, and like you I like good food; I'm particularly interested in food from a nutritional and health perspective. I also very occasionally enjoy going to the theatre.

    It would be a real pleasure to chat, and hopefully meet up, with you both soon. Please feel free to contact me any time.

    Love and Best Wishes to you both,

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