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  • I have to say that my taste in music has been greatly influenced by my boyfriend in the last year. I used to discount a lot of the heavier sounding metal but he's found a way to introduce me to many different genres in a way that made sense. And like him, you seem to love sharing what you know about bands and music styles...all to my benefit! Will look you up on FB :)
    well..there's a balance between overly passive and overly aggressive...i'm all for shouting and arguments :p but physical violence is a bit to far...
    lol lack of communication is the cause of most of my problems i swear. i'm just as bad tbh, i hate confronting people, but if i need to i many of my friends are so passive aggressive about things it just makes it worse
    MCM expo, as a whole it's superbly organised and given the scale of the operation i have nothing but praise for those guys XD but when you run into problems that you can so clearly see easy ways they could have been gets frustration. i think it's a communication most of the many people thinking they're in charge not talking to each other..><
    haha lol, not just governments..anywhere there is organisation to be done i guarantee the people organising are wholy incapable of it. i just spent the weekend working at an event in london and spent most of repeatedly beating my head against walls because of massive organisation fails...
    mm machines can run perfectly for the function they were intended to do, the problem these days is that people aren't happy with multiple machines doing each thing perfectly they want one tiny machine that does multiple things perfectly. but they're happy to settle for one machine that occasionally explodes and catches fire...
    it's not so much lack of money, its lack of money in the right place. in order to get funds for something you need to justify why you need money. and these days that usually means only profitable research is funded and doing things because we can isn't profitable....
    mmm i think we're slowing moving forward into bio/mech mixes...we've come so far technologically before realising that hey nature has some pretty awesome stuff as well XD
    I'm not sure nanites would go over so well with the general population tbh and the risks involved are quite high at the moment...we'd be placing an awful lot of trust on what is essentially a tiny machine....given how often my laptop spazzes and fails to work...i'm happy being totally biological at the moment XD
    only if they were 100% mechanical. if it were a bio/mech mix and in large enough numbers and EMP wouldn't affect them..i dont think...there are varying schools of thought and i think i really need to cut back on the sci fi shows...XD
    caprica is a spin off from a prequel. holobands are basically VR glasses that allow you to enter a virtual word of you're choosing, 100% immersion. XD

    i guess maybe once you get to nanites in your brain allowing you to control another person everything else is kinda...meh xD
    given the resources-willing avatars and the amount of money needed to run each game its not surprising there were only two. however i would have expected more tech/games of a less immersive nature than those two but still way more than what we have now.

    tbh i just want someone to invent the holobands from caprica XD
    i quite liked 'society''s seems to be a fairly accurate representation of what we would do given the opporunity to control another person in a 'virtual' world with little to no social seems fairly representative of the internet tbh, the anonymity allowing us to do pretty much what we like and we apparently chose to either hit on anything that moves or shoot anything that moves..XD
    i was thinking of gamer as i wrote that xd.
    lol yeah less dying definately preferable xd plus you know less moral ambiguity with the whole controlling another person thing xd although i guess if you like that kinda thing...could work in your favour xd
    mmm i know what you mean. i mean i hate the wii and PS Move, it's stupid if i'm going to waggle a controller i may as well sit on my ass and push buttons.
    but i like what the kinect has the potential to do. the problem is it's still so new and well..primitive as far as full immersment in games goes. the audio/graphics we have still haven't got the point where you actually being the controller is worth it.
    at the end of the day you're controlling a dude on a screen. until it gets to the point where you can have full VR environments and you can actually BE the dude in the screen there's just no point.
    i think i'll get bored of the kinect after a while but it is great fun for parties etc and i'm a DDR the dance games on it are really good. not quite the same as an arcade machine but as close as i can get without spending a grand on my own XD
    mm my laptop is quad core i3 i think...not sure what the graphics card is...
    tbh as much as i'm going through the game phase atm it wont lost long enough to warrent spenidng money on a new pc....xd plus just got a kinect, so for a while im gonna be obessed with that xd
    hmm, i've no idea how old NWN2 is..xd i didnt think it was that old..maybe it is xd. the laptop is brand new :p but it's not a gaming laptop, it's designed to be light and portable for internet/video/music usuage really...the processor can handle it...the graphics card not so much xd

    well i like it, well..i like hoping number 2 is just as's a little like oblivion in the d and d rpg aspects but it's not quite as up close and personal.
    well i used to game when i didnt have internet access...xd
    :O monkey island is epic xd i mean as far as game play goes point and click is a little...meh and its got some pretty screwy logic, but it's hilarious.

    i dont have a pc anymore, it died about 2 weeks ago, my laptop replaced it xd i just downloaded never winter night seems to be playing ok but yiou can really hear the processing going at it xd
    ever play monkey island? thiose games were epic..
    lord yes bioshock is terrifying...played it for about 5 minutes late and night before creeping myself out xd mm dungeon keeper is an old school age of mythology type game where you have to build a dungeon to attract minions so you can kill the good guys and summon 'horny' whose like a demon overlord or something....
    mm the newer lego games are pretty good but they're getting crappier as they make more...same game they just stick a different label on it :(
    lol my new laptop is like twice as powerful as my old PC XD poss my old pc had a better graphics card but thats about it...since i rarely do any gaming that requires it i dont see much point in spending the money...
    im not hugely into anime either anymore tbh...xd i have a shed load of manga but again lack of time and money means i stopped buying and reading them a few years back. i do attend conventions though :p but i work at them so although i'm kinda in the 'community' i know next to nothing about the recent goings on xd
    mm i had age of mythology and age of empires i had star was galatic battle grounds or something which was pretty cool, ive always been more of a command and army gamer rather than actually be the gamer.
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