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  • i have an entire season of some anime i dont even want that i was given three years ago to pass onto a mutal friend..>< still in it wrapper xd no one seems to care though xd it was amusing when i found a stack of library books i'd apparently accidently stolen...xd

    i'm not a huge gamer anymore, i lack terrible at starting and not finishing games though. i used to play like age of mythology games when i was about 10 ro 11. never winternights was my fav XD we're moving house atm so all my old pc games have surface so i'm installing myst to replay xd i hate fps's....mostly cause i suck at to jumpy and nervous and i hate being shot at xd that being said bioshock was epic when i was in a bad mood xd my dad i are working our way through the lego games atm, which is lame i know but there fun for two players xd and of course owning an xbox meant i have fable 2 and 3...xd
    i am hugely annoyed i cant get dungeon keeper 2 to run on my new laptop ><
    As you're a Brit AND a musician, I was wondering if you might be interested in joining 2 groups that I started recently - European Polys and polyartists. See my profile for links. Cheers!
    hehe i had my ex's mike for like a year...and his ps2...and his ps3...XD i dont even game that much god knows why i even borrowed them ..>< lugged the ps3 back to london from loughborogh on a fricking train as well..><
    i'm terrible for borrowing and forgetting to return, i borrowed a friends sisters sat nav a year ago with the words 'i'll drop it back round in about a week'...*fail*
    what kind of game are you playing? im guessing with a gaming mouse fps?
    £600 is pretty average for a decent beginner grade camera. the next step up puts you into the thousand bracket.><
    haha tell me about it xd everyone's got their own way of doing it and if you treat it as art more than technical shots (journalism etc) then its gets even more complicated xd
    i use my phone for quick facebook shots, mostly i like the fact with a dslr people think im a proper photographer and get out of my way xd
    depends what you want in a camera. if it's a hobby theres no point spending loads on a pro dslr.
    if you want something with all the awesome of interchangeable lenses and the portabilty of a compact,sony and panasonic do some good bridge cameras.the lumix G2 is an amazing dslr. downside is the lense support.
    canon, nikon, sony all have a good backlog of lenses (and more importantly, cheaper thirdparty lenses) newer bridge camera like the G2...not so much.
    also older cameras you can pick up much cheaper second hand, and usually in pretty good nick.
    theres not much difference between the brands except software/user features, mostly its personal.
    you'll find the real expense is not the camera.its when you start using it and find you need a tripod, several filters, flash, remote triggers, new lenses, etc etc...xd

    yeah megapixels is silly..i mean my phone has an 8mp camera...cant take pics for shit unless im in broad daylight xd
    hmm...hope that helped :S i can get carried away xd
    oh you can get free stuff, if you have no money and no job and no qualifications. but i have a job an income and technically 3 alevels not to mention my gcses were pretty good. so i dont get any help :(

    mmm i was looking at a d90, but i have two friends one with a canon and one with a nikon and the dude with a nikon would not shut up about it, and how it was the only choice and it was superior to everything. he irritated me so much i would have bought anything as long as it weren't nikon. luckily the 450d came up second hand and my canon friend has a bunch of equipment i can borrow XD

    mm all my spare monies went on a new laptop, but since it's replaced my desktop which died a death last week i think it was money well spent xd
    only up until you're nineteen. then you have to pay for it. unless you started a course when you were nineteen that goes on passed your ninteenth burthday. i think you can get it subsidised if you have no qualifications but since c's d's and e's are technically passes i don't count :p
    I would love to study classics at degree level, but again money/time...i cant afford to give up my job >< and tbh i dont still wanna be studying and in debt in 4 years time...xd
    i took up photography as a hobby last septemeber, got me a second hand canon 450d which i love to bits xd a couple of my friends are taking it really seriously trying to get paid work etc, but i just like using it for art purposes xd
    haha, i googled a lot, what i learnt was that not taking advantage of college when it was free was a big mistake.
    ooo i love essays, for me i hate exams, i know the stuff but not in a manner that examiners ask for it. also i ran into a few issues and didn't attend for about 6 months...i think that was the bigger problem XD
    i wish i could back and do art/englit/history....
    Well it was raining the entire time i was there xd...but then i went in november...still i liked the parts i saw :)

    i didn't do so well with the studying tbh. my learning methods and college didnt exactly agree..xd i love science though so i keep up in my spare time.
    mm it;s harder to find free japanese lessons now i'm over 19...especially since i need them to fit around work xd
    i'm pretty good at learning new languages but i've never really wanted to before...
    lol nah, not my only reason for being here i love London to much to leave XD as i said i go away at weekends a lot and with the possible exception of Edinburgh i've always been so glad to come home XD

    I studied Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Math, attempted to learn Japanese but lessons are expensive..><
    I'm totally the opposite, i've been to a bunch of various cities mostly for weekend events and i'm always so so happy to be back in London, half an hour from central and i can order pizza at 1 am in the morning, a luxury i've yet to find else where :(
    it took a few years to grow on me though :p
    not as boring as you may think, i went to college next to twickenham stadium, i know the area pretty well ^^ did my a level exams in the bar there actually XD
    Just wanted to say hi! I read your threads alot, and I see you don't have anyone on your friends list, so I would like to be your friend! Also, I have a FB if you want to be friends on there!
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