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  • I tried to send you a PM, it wouldn't let me. Hi!! I just read through a thread of yours....we have LOTS in common, girl.....let's chat....I'd love to wrack your brain!! <3
    Also, Healing Trauma by Peter Levine. Excellent book, really quick revisiting traumas. I just completed the program with my therapist. Surprisingly, it did not trigger me. YAY!
    So good to meet a UK based poly. I am looking for people to chat with. People to meet with for social. And people to meet with for a bit of fun and maybe long term friendship relationship. My wife, nat, has a couple she meets regularly and stays with them once a week. She also sees other couples.

    That's us am keen on maybe starting a
    Poly group in Bucks or Oxfordshire and may start going down to London to see some of the groups there.

    Do you want to chat on here or do you use other messengers? I have KIK, whatsapp, and yahoo.

    Would love to chat, see how you reached the point you are at and generally get to know you better

    Cheers. Andy.
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