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  • Try this link to start an introduction:


    And re your message to me:

    Re: "I think it's nice how u welcome everyone. U seem to be very kind."

    I thank you.

    Re: "My hubby and I got on here to try to foster Platonic friendships with kind, like minded people and I would live to hear your story if that's not over stepping any boundaries. I'm new at this so I'm not sure of all the protocols. My husband is Marvin and has posted our story."

    Well visitor messages are a bit limited in length, but to put it briefly, I came to be "one arm" of a poly-fi V relationship (MFM) early in 2006. We had a few rough years in the beginning, but things have been smooth for awhile now. We don't have an exciting life, once in awhile we take a road trip together.

    I'm happy to answer any questions you may have; thanks for your message.

    Kevin T.
    How do I post in introductions. I am not computer friendly but am taking a giant leap of faith and I don't want to do this wrong and start out with people thinking I'm a moron. Please help!
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