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  • Nice to meet you sweetsurrender nice to meet you! �� Have z good Thanksgiving!��������
    Thank you. I'm glad you like it. It's nice to know that people are reading :)

    Things are great with T and I. I just am concerned going forward. I am a planner and try and anticipate problems. I don't worry, but I like to have an idea what might be coming around the bend.

    She's really going through a tough time, and it's really nice that she has any energy left for me at all.
    That is so great to hear. Does the bf have other relationships? I have read so much information on people here that I may have overlooked the details on your specific situation.
    Gives me home that perhaps one day, my dh would be open to learning and expressing in different ways.
    Thank you! I have many many things going through my head but have not posted. I also come to poly a little differently than the majority, that I don't nor does dh, have someone else in mind to act on these emotions. The bf situation is slightly different, we are all together (only with bf once alone) &have developed a very close friendship with him. But "love" has been compartmentalized for the time being so any NRE is on the back burner. The strangest thing with this open honesty, poly & comprrsion is making dh & I more in love with each than we were 19 years ago. It is definitely an awesome feeling.
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