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  • Dear Urmila: Subsequent to my earlier message to you, I have also done a posting (which I am not sure whether that is posted yet) in this very site a while ago on my take on the polyamory. I have also read each of your message with great attention, and I must say, I am extremely pleased to see the conviction in whatever you have written. I am educated and very pleased to have read your messages.

    That said, for records I must state that my view on the subject is based on different logic as I am not as religious as are. That position of mine was not deterring me to agree with you, as the foundation of our approach remain the same between us.

    I am grateful for providing me such overwhelming evidence of your views which I must say, is an directional eyeopener for me in the subject.

    Sorry about my indulgence.

    Hello, Urmila. It was nice to hear your message. Myself, I live in T.Nagar, Chennai. Consider myself, quite upright and honest. I am well aware, that the persons who have an interest in Polyamory is not so doing, just for physical pleasures. But, interested in relationship, beyond physical needs. I am 64 years. Have been a successful person all my life and have made a mark. To me a commitment is a commitment, and the same is made with an intent to fulfil the same. Conceptually, the idea of getting to know newer persons, and thereby relationship if it works out, interest me. I would appreciate a line from you. Best, RK
    Hi Urmila,

    Hope u r doin gd....its nice to see a indian women in dis forum...n most of all a lady frm chennai....im basically frm chennai....i believe in polyamory relationships but unfortunately my wife doesnt.....jus lookin for like minded company....ppl wid whom i can share my thoughts n can talk freely abt my likes n dislikes....currently i reside in ahmedabad.....if interested do write bak....tc
    hi, how r u doing. would like to hear from u. am luking for a girl for an open relationship. if u can help in any way, by giving intro of any girl u know or in any other way, i would appreciate it.
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