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    Hi U/H,

    I saw your situation, and I wish you much love & light.:)
    I hope you are healing or have healed...
    Noting the post is nearly 2 yrs old, I'm wondering if you've been able to network; I may have some ideas which may help yield the desired effect.

    Blessed Be! :)
    Hi :) looking for fellow utahn poly friends/potentials...i am also a pagan, I love reading runes and tarot. Always up for new learning experiences.
    Hi, UH,

    I'm not very familiar with runes. I use tarot and other divination methods. Would you tell me more? I've never been described as a lucid dreamer, but I'm not surprised, either. :) I certainly give lots of weight to my intuition....

    Are you new to the board and/or new to poly?

    Hello Again,

    We made it to Seattle. I just dropped my mom off at the airport and getting everything set up here. Just wanted to let you know I am safe and sound and thank you for your well wishes and thoughts. I hope all is well with you and look forward to talking more but, for now I am going to get some sleep:) Be well till we talk again.

    Thanks all loving energy is welcome. I am going to get back into bike riding myself my sisters already have one waiting for me and I walk 2-3 miles 3-4 day a week. I love to be outside surrounded by Mother Nature. To smell the flowers in Spring. The crisp air in Fall. And the Summer is not very hot here so I will enjoy them more. They do not get as much snow so I will be able to get outside more in the Winter too. Sounds like you are going to have a lot of water soon with all that snow melting. I understand your war with Big Oil the harm we have done to our beautiful Mother is a thing of sorrow. Stay safe and well til I hear from you again.
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