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    Male in Glasgow

    29 year old bi male in Glasgow looking to explore his poly side. I've had more intimate experience with guys but these have been punctuated by sexual experiences with couples and single females. As I get older, I know I want children and a stable home (not immediately, stay calm ;-) but on the...
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    Poly in Scotland

    Addition Hi, I'm 29 (although its odd to say that!)...Mostly had sex with men all of my life with the few exceptions of couples and single females. I'd like to meet peeps from Glasgow who are interested in a bi male. I'm 5'11", good looking and progressive;) Quite happy to set up a meet if I...
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    what? no uk peeps

    Glasgow here:D
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    Hey new to the forum, really into the idea of a poly relationship, i'd class myself as gay but I have slept with girls too. Now reaching that point in my life where i want to meet like-minded folks regardless of gender. Want to start a poly relationship from singles, no established...