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  • We found that simply talking about it strengthened our relationship as well. Now we're just trying to get up the courage to take the next step. We're both excited and nervous at the same time!
    Well, its been about a month since we joined, so we've picked up quite a bit. I'm just about done with The Ethical Slut and find I agree more and more. So to me, its like a homecoming, whereas my wife is considering it all for the first time, but she is also enthusiastic.

    I really like that boundaries can be flexible, and its putting jealousy into a better perspective. The people are amicable, (considering that everyone has the potential to be a lover, most people seem to be friendly from the beginning) and the sense of comraderie is strong. And contrary to my initial worries, its made us stronger as a couple as we start to let go of the fears and "territorial" nature of monogamy.

    Thanks for the welcome, and same to you by the way. So what about you? What do you get most out of it? Are you new to it as we are, or just new to the board?
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