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    Advice for a new/potential secondary

    Been a while since I've posted here, tried searching but couldn't find quite what I was looking for, so I'm making a new post. I recently met an amazing man. It started as flirting, and rapidly progressed. There is huge NRE fog right now, and I'm trying to look through it. Hubby knows...
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    My hubby brought this up, and I know how I feel, but maybe not how to express it, so was wondering how others deal with it. He says he feels a lot of jealousy when he sees my desire for other people. That it doesn't make him feel as special because I don't show as much desire for him. But we...
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    Is it ever too soon?

    To say I love you? I admittedly wear my heart on my sleeve. I fall in love easily, and granted that it often morphs into different types of love/relationships, it never really goes away. With the exception of one person, I still very much love (and am good friends, best with a couple even)...
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    Life Changes..the beginning.

    Continuing on from our introduction.... We had our first meeting last night with our friend. We'll call him J. I was a bit nervous, I didn't know how he was going to feel and I didn't want to scare him off. We all sat down, hubby on one side, J on the other. They held hands in my lap...
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    Hi :) It's a long one!

    Hello, my name is Jen and I've been reading a lot the past week on this forum and finally decided to register, introduce myself and see what advice I can get! I'm 30, been married almost 7 years to the love of my life. Before we got married I was a very sexual person. I had been involved in a...