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  1. Phantessa

    Torment of falling for a mono

    I have a problem, I'm always developing crushes on mono-men (who are either not open to poly or believe I will leave my husband for them)... So, this is more of a vent. I wish I had known about poly years and years ago. I felt forced to choose between my spouse and boyfriend(I'll call him E) at...
  2. Phantessa

    Polyamory paused by pregnancy/child

    I only recently learned about polyamory a few years ago. After speaking to a friend who is polyamorous, I broke down in tears because it just clicked for me. Suddenly, the feelings I had for other people while in a relationship was ok. My husband and I began to converse about it and we were open...
  3. Phantessa

    First relationship.. failure

    So.. I posted a little while back and my husband and I began talking about exploring polyamory. We recently decided to move forward and I had my first boyfriend and in less than two weeks.. gone. The man I was dating, well it was long distance friendship that we tried to evolve further.. well, I...
  4. Phantessa

    Sharing your initial confusions and realizations

    Hey all. I'm trying to figure out where I am and really what I want. If people don't mind sharing some of their early thoughts and debates when they began to wonder if polyamory was right for them. I'm especially interested in talking to people who were in long term relationships when they...
  5. Phantessa

    Another newbie here

    I only learned about polyamory a year or two ago and it's like this seed has been planted that keeps sprouting up new questions. I don't know where I stand right now. I am currently in a monogamous relationship of 6 years and now married. I have spoken to my husband about my questions and he...