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  1. lovelycouple

    Poly in Europe?

    Subscribing, thanks. :)
  2. lovelycouple

    If you want to love me you have to love my spouse?

    Interesting. Actually as an heterosexual couple looking out for female company we are fully aware that the deepest affective connection is bound to happen between the male and the female. The other female expectation on the relationship is barely having a friendly connection, someone to talk...
  3. lovelycouple

    Poly in Europe?

    Any european on this forum? We would definitely love to meet with you people to meet some one or someones willing to share our family. Kind regards,
  4. lovelycouple

    Partner Disagrees on "Allowed" Levels of Romantic Intensity? What to do?

    Communication is everything! All I can think of about this topic, is that you really need to communicate with your partner(s). Communication and compromise. All sides have to agree, and all sides must be sure that they are being heard. We all have our own ideas about something that is so...
  5. lovelycouple

    Double Salute

    Hi wonderful brave loving people of this forum. We live and work/study in Denmark, he is a philosopher, she is a librarian. We have two beautiful and bright children, and we would be more than happy to embrace you as part of our family. hugs,