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    My Re-introduction

    Good day. I have been a member for a number of years but have been absent online for a few of the most recent ones so I am reacquainting myself. I don't have anything of much intrigue to say. I have practiced some form of non-monogamy for the majority of my dating life and find it works best...
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    How Do You Prefer to Receive Bad News?

    As I've been going through this relationship change with my partners, and awaiting the outcome of our association in general, the subject line has been on my mind. Personally, I don't mind receiving bad news from my partner by way of text or email. I actually prefer it. For me, I would rather be...
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    Forever Eklctc

    Here lies my space of manifestation where I will share all sorts of things. As of mid-November 2010, I will have lived in Denver, CO for two years after taking a promotion with my company and relocating from Atlanta, GA. From September 2008 through June-July of 2010, I was on an unwanted...
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    New to the Site

    I am a female, located in Colorado, in my 30s. I have participated in the adult lifestyle for over 13 years and have had several multipartner relationships but none that were successfully polyamorous so, I would say, I am officially in the midst of a pretty successful one with a married m/f...
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    Not Feeling the Connectivity

    I am in a polyamorous relationship with a couple. My official introduction to the parents is due to take place soon; however, I plan to tell my partners I think we should wait. Why? I don't feel the connectivity in the relationship when all three of us are together. Whenever we are supposed to...