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    “Am I The Asshole” (AITA) subReddit - Poly topic

    Throughout the years we have seen various conversations here about poly and kids and divorce and custody etc. This AITA convo is a reminder that nothing on the internet is private and kids are more perceptive than many people think...
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    History/article -

    MrS sent me this link to a BBC article - The Art of the Menage e Trois Rather a "fluff" piece, but mentions a few poly historical artists that you may not have realized.
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    Poly option in mainstream survey!

    I often participate in the surveys (i.e. "research") that get posted here but also participate in several "get paid to take surveys" sites. For the first time EVER poly was listed as an option. I have been noticing more surveys asking about sexual/gender identity or giving "other" or "prefer...
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    Spin-Off-Thread: Oral Sex

    PPG declined to engage your question but I will.
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    A Question of Etiquette/Personalities/Preferences

    This question is a long time in the making and a bit convoluted but I will try to summarize. Two events: a long planned vacation and a wedding EVENT 1: The vacation has been in the works for many, many months (almost a year). Originally it was to be a number of people but boiled down, in...
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    Burning Man 2016?

    Just curious. Anyone here planning on attending Burning Man this year? Dude and I are working on getting tickets and going with my friend SLL. This will be our first Burn - although we are all comfortable with cross-country travel and RV/car/tent camping, and Dude lived in the desert for...
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    "The Atlantic" article

    Lotus pointed me to this one: "Up for Polyamory? Creating Alternatives to Marriage" How one lawyer helps those, like her, in non-traditional relationships...
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    Trust Broken...and Re-Built

    Trust. A tricky concept. There have been a number of recent threads that have made me reconsider and re-evaluate my concept of trust...and the re-building there-of. I broke the bond of trust with MrS when I behaved as I did with Dude. The fact that this occurred in the face of (what I now...
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    Article on Slate today

    My husband pointed out this article on Slate today: Legalize polygamy! As usual, I had to brace myself to read the comments - I have to remind myself that I am not reading a poly blog and that a significant number of comments will piss me off. A fair number of poly comments so far... JaneQ
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    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Well, my original plan was to bring my blog The Journey of JaneQSmythe up to the present before I started writing about other random poly-related topics as they burst into my head but...apparently I have changed my mind (fickle woman!:rolleyes: - discipline was never my forte:p). Over the past...
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    "Mark as Read to here" option?

    In long threads I often want to leave and come back again - is there a way to mark a thread as "read to here" so I can "jump to first unread" later and pick up where I left off? JaneQ
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    OMG! I just said the "L" word.

    Seriously, I am emotionally retarded...Dude and I have been "involved" for 9-10 months (during which time we have been living together) and I have come to acknowledge that he is my "boyfriend" and I just NOW (as of a whole 40 minutes ago) told him that I "loved" him. This is a HUGE deal for me...
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    The Journey of JaneQSmythe

    I joined this forum formally on January 18th 2012 after lurking and reading for a few weeks. Due to recent events in my life I have found that I was looking for the conversation and advice of a community of poly-people (and the people who love them) – and am glad to find you all here...
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    MrsSmythe says "Hello!"

    Brief Intro: (slightly expanded version posted under Personal Summaries) 37 y/o poly bi female, hinge in V with husband, MrS, (together for 20 years, married for 16) and bf, Dude, (I first met 20 mos ago, together for 9 mos). Dude has been essentially living with us since the the day we “got...