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  1. fuchka

    Guardian advice column - 5 Jan 2020

    Advice columnist responds to a writer who is married and had an brief affair with a married man, which brought on intense emotions. Writer wonders if it is possible to continue intimate relationships with both husband and (former) lover...
  2. fuchka

    Letting partners read your blog

    I know that this gets discussed on here from time to time. Recently JaneQ linked me to her post where she shared how she and her partners worked through this question. A while ago, when I was thinking of this topic, I remember Mya/rory mentioning how they decided to manage their blog sharing...
  3. fuchka

    Friends and lovers

    My life is rich with relationships. There are challenges, sure, but my overall experience is that of abundance. I can’t make time to stay in touch with everyone close to me as much as I would like. This is never going to change, unless I consciously cull my ‘friends list’, which I’m not...
  4. fuchka

    Fishing out lost post? (Yeah I'm optimistic)

    AH! Made a real noob mistake, wrote this long (seriously long) post and it got eaten up by the internets :( I thought I'd copied it to the clipboard but I hadn't... I'd pushed Submit a few times (while logged in) but it didn't like it. Don't suppose any admin/techy people are able to fish it...
  5. fuchka

    So far, so good!

    This forum excites me :) I want to blog but not sure where to start, despite Maria von Trapp's simple advice. Guess there's nothing like jumping in the deep end, eh? I have been blessed with an abundance of amazing people and relationships in my life. Community, communing, communication etc are...