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    Spam killing

    Some of you may have noticed that I take some delight in sending rude messages to spammers when booting them from the site. It's tedious zapping spammers, yet I get some satisfaction from it. I just zapped 144 spam threads and the spammers who posted them. Your reports help us find more of the...
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    KC meetup group

    I attended a meetup this evening in Overland Park and had a blast. The people were personable and the discussion entertaining. I'll be attending regularly in the future. It appears the third Sunday evening of each month will be the designated day going forward. Yeah, this was the second Sunday...
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    A question of preparedness

    "...I sometimes I think there should be either a maturity test or a sanity test to pass before entering into poly relationships." I read this is a thread and it got me thinking. While there's no real way to test somebody to see if they're ready for relationships, in general, and poly...
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    How to scramble communication

    I just reviewed a text conversation I was involved in last night and had to chuckle. Here are quotes from three consecutive messages in a conversation on one topic: "So confused...." Next message: "I'm just super confused...." Next message: "I don't think there's any confusion...." :eek...
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    What is this "lifestyle" you mention?

    Seriiously, folks. I keep seeing references to some supposed poly "lifestyle" and I simply don't understand it. The only thing polyfolk can expect to have in common with other polyfolk is that they engage in multiple romantic relationships. That's it. I have to wonder what sort of things I'd...
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    A look at some relationship dysfunction

    I've had this link in my bookmarks since the post first appeared. I revisit it every now and then and find that it serves as good information for those interested in developing healthy, functional relationships by highlighting a bunch of things that make for dysfunctional relationships...
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    READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: How to Write an Introduction

    This board is for intros. Lately, we've had to move some posts from here because they went beyond introductions and into the realm of personals--which belong on a different board. So, here is a brief intro to writing an intro: Tell us about YOU and YOUR situation. Seriously, that's what this...
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    User Guidelines (ARCHIVE 2009-2016)

    Introduction The site was launched to provide a place for folks interested in polyamory to get together and talk about it. Whether a person has long experience with polyamorous relationships or has just recently come to consider the possibility, this site is intended to serve as a...
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    New Boards?

    We've been asked about the possibility of adding boards to our collection. That leads me to ask: What type of board would you want to see? What purpose would a new board serve?
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    Photo Albums

    Just took an initial look at the photo albums interface. An album can be public or accessible only to contacts. I've yet to investigate the difference between contacts and friends, though I'm considering posting some of my art photos here if I can keep the album non-public. Anybody have a photo...
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    AAGH! AAGH! Aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh! This venting has been brought to you by the letter "A."
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    Some Things Not To Do

    Found this and thought it could prove useful here. It's all about bad "poly" behavior....
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    This should be interesting

    A friend of ours figured out quickly that Curly and I are poly. (That's not really difficult, as we're not terribly worried about people finding out.) When he'd asked about it originally, I explained a bit about it and mentioned that Curly was interested in finding a girlfriend, though she was...
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    A note on spam

    Hey, all, you've probably noticed that we have a spam problem. We have open enrollment on the site and unmoderated posting. We also have at least one spammer who keeps reappearing and posting after getting booted. I've no idea how many moderators we actually have. I'm the most active and have...
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    Threads moved

    Hey, folks, I've moved some threads to different forums that I figured were more appropriate to the topic. If you go looking for a thread you started and can't find it where you put it, well, it's likely hanging out in a new neighborhood! Unless it was spam, in which case I removed it (and you...
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    In the Heartland

    The heartland of the US, that is. I'm SeventhCrow, my wife (who hasn't visited this site yet) is CurlySquirrel. I'm 44 and straight, she's 41 and bi. We currently have no additional partners. If you're ever headed to KC for a visit, let me know. We may be able to provide a couple of friendly...
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    Kansas City meeting

    Got this message not long ago. Figured it fit on this board. "I have decided to start a regular munch (i.e. get together with food) for KC poly folk. The details: "Time: 12:00 PM Place: McCoy's Public House, 4057 Pennsylvania Kansas City, MO 64111 Date: The second Sunday of every month...