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  1. kdt26417

    What Is Romance?

    This thread is intended to be a spin-off of a certain other thread. Specifically starting from the following post ... I have been thinking about that post, and it has occurred to me that I don't know how to define "romance." I don't know...
  2. kdt26417


    Today I changed my email address, and now whenever I do a post I have to do a Captcha. Which is fine, but I'm just curious how long I'll have to do that? (I assume newcomers also have to do a Captcha.)
  3. kdt26417

    Can We Add Ten to the Maximum Posts per Page?

    Right now I can set my preferences to show me up to 40 posts per page ... which is cool and I use that feature, but is there a reasonably easy way to set the forum to show up to 50 posts per page? It would just be a convenience, not a necessity, but I think it would make navigation a bit easier...
  4. kdt26417

    A Made-Up Story

    I'll start. And ... go!
  5. kdt26417

    Consent: What if it's Not Required?

    Something troubles me about the poly philosophies we've encountered on lately. Let me try to explain it in context. My older brother has been a regular (monogamous) guy. Then his (then) wife cheated on him (with an older guy -- a politician in fact, what a shock right). I don't...
  6. kdt26417

    Religious Bullies

    This thread is an offshoot from For Those Who Deeply Love Jesus. That thread is somewhat intended to be a place for lovers to limp forward away from the worries and cares of this world. This thread is a place to reveal our own personal experiences at the hands of religious bullies of any sort...
  7. kdt26417

    For Those Who Deeply Love Jesus

    This thread is intended to be especially useful to those who love Jesus more than life itself. Sound off if you have a profound love for Jesus. Tell us why you feel the way that you do. I think it is okay for those who feel differently to post here too ... but please be very respectful toward...
  8. kdt26417

    Two (Plus) Tangents from JOA's Thread

    Journeyofawakening's How do I even start to explain?? thread has prompted several tangents. I want to take the last two tangents and use them to start this new thread. As originator of the thread, I want to say that this thread is fair game for any further tangents anyone would like to follow...
  9. kdt26417

    Poly Research - Graduate Student

    Hi DeAnna, I'm a bit too far north to visit your university, but it sounds like a very worthy project and I hope you'll get many participants. Please note that you should only post your interview invitation on one board. Right now it looks like you have posted it on six boards. As a personal...
  10. kdt26417

    Asexual Poly?

    This is a continuation of a debate on another thread (see thru The questions are: Is poly about sex? If you remove the sex, do you just have friendship? Can...
  11. kdt26417

    The Mormon Club!

    I'm curious how many active members also have a Mormon past/present. Seems like there's probably a significant number of us. If you were raised in the Mormon church or otherwise have had close ties with it, sound off! I was born and raised in the heart of Utah Mormon country...
  12. kdt26417

    What Do You Make of Jesus?

    This thread/poll is an offshoot of Is There a God? and a certain tangent from another thread. I invite you to vote in the poll if you're willing, and as a bonus perhaps you'll post here as well and describe your beliefs about Jesus in detail. I personally think it's 27% likely Jesus was a...
  13. kdt26417

    Is There a God?

    Vote in the poll if you will, then post (if you'd like) to describe/explain what you believe and why you believe thus. As the official Original Poster, I desire this thread to be flexible, so tangents are okay with me (though I'm sure the mods will want us to stay vaguely on-topic). I identify...
  14. kdt26417

    Gender-Neutral Pronouns?

    What do you use instead of he and she when you intend to mean either gender, or prefer not to specify a gender? See Do you prefer: all-masculine pronouns (default), all-feminine pronouns (default), random/alternating usages of...
  15. kdt26417

    What about the Kids?

    It's odd for a childless person like myself to be starting a topic like this, and I wouldn't be surprised if threads along these lines already exist, but I kind of wanted to start a new one using my own perspective. I've been hearing (on a few horror stories about poly situations...
  16. kdt26417

    Confessing a Past Affair

    I have two ethical dilemmas to describe to you, and I would request your opinion of what the right solutions would be. I will post my own opinion after a few responses have trickled in. In polyamory, we tend to emphasize the importance of consent in concert with full knowledge of what's going...
  17. kdt26417

    Poly-Friendly Cities

    I have a malleable list of poly-friendly cities in the United States. Poly-friendly for purposes of this list is loosely defined as, a city with an unusually large percentage of poly inhabitants, and/or an unusually plentiful number of local poly organizations. From what I've seen/heard so far...
  18. kdt26417

    Herding Instinct 101

    I and "the old Utah gang" (brothers and friends) have been having email discussions about various things including about pets, science, religion, and the like. We've atheists, agnostics, and at least one firm theist in the group, but our discussions have sort of revolved around science. In that...
  19. kdt26417

    Plus Signs?

    Okay curiosity overwhelmeth me ... When I go to the main page -- -- and scroll down to the bottom of the page -- the, "What's Going On?" block. And within that block there's, "Currently Active Users." Now there's a certain amount of color coding (red, blue...
  20. kdt26417

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    This'll be a "short" blog, :), assuming no one posts any thoughts/questions for me to respond to here, as I'm always willing to respond to thoughts and answer questions to my best knowledge. But, I am suggesting posting on this board to "someone in a success story," and thought it best that I...