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    What is appropriate to post about & where? (Autumnaltone please read)

    No, we're simply not going to be pulled into discussions of everything we do. We are not going to waste time with prolonged explanations of every infraction or decision to edit or remove or anything else. You are allowed to disagree with mod actions, certainly. You're not going to be able to...
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    What is appropriate to post about & where? (Autumnaltone please read)

    And throughout those periods you identified as poly, yes? Or desired polyamorous relationships, yes? As pointed out elsewhere, that's all completely fine and supported as on topic. No, not all journeys do. This site, however, is not a place for the sharing of all journeys. It's for polyfolk or...
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    What is appropriate to post about & where? (Autumnaltone please read)

    To the contrary. It is my task (and that shared by the other mods) to maintain the site in accordance with its mission. That extends to the blogs. We have to maintain a sense of topicality there, the same as on the rest of the boards. We have to root out spam, we have to deal with trolls, we...
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    What is appropriate to post about & where? (Autumnaltone please read)

    I think this is a good opportunity to clarify some matters, so I'll do so here. Yes, we do allow for some off-topic chatter to allow the folks here to share other things about their lives beyond the loose bond of polyamory having some effect on their lives. We also keep an eye on things to...
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    At the end of my rope

    Uh...whut? Why are you still with this person? That is never acceptable in a healthy relationship.
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    Poly Isn't For Me/Tired of Sharing My Wife

    Note: Nobody here has any obligation to encourage anybody else to find their voice or express their needs. Seriously. BG has been having an interesting and useful discussion with others posting in this thread. That Matt wasn't posting is not BG's problem. As BG hasn't been flaming anybody and...
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    Need Help with Son hitting puberty

    In your opinion. A friend of mine from high school, a fabulous professional musician, has lost his hearing through part of the range of human capability. Anything pitched higher than a middle C is lost to him, as his ears just don't respond. Is it prejudicial against deaf people for musicians...
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    That, I believe, lies at the root of your troubles here. You assume that everybody else here is "abled" and you're the only person who can speak to experience with disabilities and that you can speak for all folks with disabilities. That's a problem. That's a problem because you have no idea...
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    KC meetup group

    There are so many events happening. Taco Tuesdays Lunch on Wednesdays Thursday evenings at the Phoenix Club Wednesday evening drum classes Sundays at the Nelson-Atkins etc. There's bound to be something that will fit any given person's schedule. My work precludes Friday and Saturday evening...
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    Need Help with Son hitting puberty

    If you use the term to refer to yourself in a message here, others can use the term to refer to you, too. To reclaim a word from being used as a pejorative, it can't still be a pejorative when used by other people. It either is a slur or it is not--you can't have it both ways.
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    Need Help with Son hitting puberty

    According to you. Others may (and do) disagree with that assessment. Again, if you don't like BG's style of discussion--which is very straightforward and some folks don't care for blunt talk--then ignore the posts. It really is that simple. There are two ways to leave the site, and they are...
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    Need Help with Son hitting puberty

    MOD note You appear to be trying to pick a fight here. Do stop. Note to all: If you don't like somebody's style, skip the post. Nobody has an obligation to discuss things in the fashion you prefer. As long as their posts are on-topic and civil, all is well.
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    KC meetup group

    The group has been renamed KC Poly. The scheduled events can be found at on the site. We have an assistant organizer now who has more time to put into the group and thus a whole lot of events are appearing on the schedule. Had a Taco Tuesday thing this...
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    Online-Survey about relationship formation

    Interesting. I liked that one a great deal.
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    Is this dishonest and wrong? Or just standard practices?

    Um...what do the huge flags flapping in the breeze, the glare from the rockets, and the view in the stadium during Nebraska football games have in common? They're all red. How many red flags do you need before you figure out D isn't likely to ever be forthright with you and always withholding...
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    Friends or not?

    You're going to have to learn to ignore the awkwardness. If you let something as inconsequential as that stop you from speaking your thoughts to those closest to you, you can expect to have a long life of frustration ahead of you. You're going to have to ask them. Ask them if they know any poly...
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    i need help relationship

    I'll hallucinate that you think the new girl is going to be into you and your wife equally. As mentioned above, that's not necessarily going to be the case. Indeed, it will likely *not* be the case. So, I'll suggest asking the new girl what sort of relationship she wants to have with *you* and...
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    Move a thread, maybe, Mods?

    As it's about a specific relationship, I moved it to the Poly Relationships Corner.
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    Is this perception accurate? I'm new....

    And the folks who have years of happiness where it doesn't fall apart--you think they're going to be posting about all of their non-dramatic continuation in their relationships? Would anybody want to read a post that says, essentially "Still together, yup"? As with most anything that is part of...