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  1. charlie_jumper

    Need advice for relationshipcare

    Hello, i do not know if i`m a real poly. I always had that thought or feeling if love someone i will love them forever. And i still love the people i felt in love in the past. That has nothing to do with sexuality. I have friends that i have no sexual relationship with. I have male friends...
  2. charlie_jumper

    Yesterday we talked

    Hello yesterday me and my "wife" talked about her needs. I told her that i think i would totally fineif she would have a girlfriend. But that i would not be ok with some circumstances. For Instance we have a female friend (P), i love her (like her) but she is sexually not attractive for me. I...
  3. charlie_jumper

    Are Polys really that much more Happy?

    Hello, i've read a lot about polyamory. It seems that everything i read ist about how good polyamory is: .) It solves Problems .) It makes you happier .) It makes you more fulfilled .) It is easier to raise children .) You enounter a lot more positive and good People .) It Doubles, dribbles...
  4. charlie_jumper

    Hello from Austria

    Hello i`m Charlie, i`m from Austria 32 Years old since 12 years in a relationship and we have a 7 year old daughter. I had always trouble with love. I didn`t wanted to have the same relationship issues with love that i saw in my family, friends or on the street. So was hard working to not...