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  1. Magdlyn

    In the garden

    Remind me what state Puck lives in... This is a big country haha I'd love to meet him and even more, you, of course!
  2. Magdlyn

    Electrons Introduction

    I'm sorry their foray into poly to "fix their marriage" ended in pain and rejection for you. To be honest, when your meta told you you were "helping [their marriage] so much," it sounded like a red flag. So he's an alcoholic and she's a white knight and now she's doing to AlAnon or something to...
  3. Magdlyn

    LSB Weight Loss Daily Goals and Accomplishments

    You two are talking about Ozempic, I think. I have heard great things about it.
  4. Magdlyn

    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Your journal posts have been very infrequent and cryptic lately. I hope that means you're too happy and busy to post.
  5. Magdlyn

    What are the consequences of broken rules?

    I think the question of whether you are poly or not is extremely moot. You don't receive much pleasure from intimate relationships. You don't seem to have a clue why, despite having seen therapists. Were antidepressants ever offered to you? Did any therapist ever go into what happened in your...
  6. Magdlyn

    One relationship breaks up while the other breaks down

    It seems like NP only wanted to hear about Surfer when Surfer was being emotionally unavailable. Maybe he resents you helping Surfer when he was ill. Now that Surfer is recovering, NP doesn't want to be your support system. And this is common. One's partner is not expected to support one when we...
  7. Magdlyn

    Poly relationship that never was

    Patience can pay off. I talked to my current bf for 3 years on Fetlife before we met. He was in a closed relationship during that time, so we just chatted as friends. As soon as he became free we started dating and fell deeply in love! We just celebrated our first anniversary.
  8. Magdlyn

    Smelling the flowers

    Yikes. You may be breaking up with B, and Bond is being snappish with you? That does not sound good at all. I wish the best for you.
  9. Magdlyn

    Poly relationship that never was

    I am wondering if C had a bit of hero worship going on for Xevyon, the mysterious band member. Now that she's been through all the drama with A, the horrible party, the appendicitis, the guilt she's feeling about the ugly breakup of her hero with his long-term partner (partly because of her...
  10. Magdlyn

    Poly relationship that never was

    I agree with the others that A was really not ready to cope with your poly dating after 7 years of living monogamously. That's a huge change. It probably seemed to her like you'd reconciled yourself to being mono after striking out on dating sites years ago. It's sad that this had to end after 7...
  11. Magdlyn

    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    A Victorian mansard, nice. The color is kinda crazy but it is eye-catching!
  12. Magdlyn

    40yo agender masc seeking solo-poly, bonus points for littles/middles/brats

    Welcome to the group. This is not a dating site, but I wish you well. Some people here do end up forming friendships or even romantic relationships. I was just wondering where you lived. You don't seem to say, yet you want an in-person partner, I believe.
  13. Magdlyn

    In the garden

    "Met my billet and my friend who teed up the billet." This is Greek to me. I had to Google. I guess it's like an Airbnb... lol So Ayin lives in the city where your conference is, I guess. Or not? Is his town just on the way to where you were going, or did you make a special trip? Either way...
  14. Magdlyn

    Another Mono in Polyland

    Wow, so you sure made it past that July in 2014! What made you hold on so much longer? How did you survive? I am not judging, as I *knew* I needed to leave my ex-h in 2000, but it took me 8 more years to really feel ready, to feel strong, to feel like the kids would experience less trauma... I...
  15. Magdlyn

    My real intro

    Does Qyrymly mean Crimean, as anglicized?
  16. Magdlyn

    In the garden

    Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you took your relationship with Ayin to the next level. :) I hope the next time you're in a more comfy bed!
  17. Magdlyn

    In the garden

    On August 19 you mentioned you'd be seeing Ayin in October. I don't have time to go back further. We need a recap of who this person is! What did you do that kept you awake all night?
  18. Magdlyn

    In the garden

    You mean taking the pill at night has forced you into a better consistent nighttime routine and bedtime, never mind the hormones?
  19. Magdlyn

    Not getting along with partner's sister (sry for the length)

    You know that being poly, or in a poly network, for it to be successful one needs to have tip top communication skills, empathy and a good degree of self-insight? It seems both your men are lacking this. So I can see why dating them is going less than smoothly. They do not empathize with your...