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    Being a parent/someone in a child's life

    I've been thinking about the love we have for children/our children. There's a child on their way now ! :) Congrats to those !! There's so much discussion here about love. I'd be interested to hear people's take on the love they have managed to cultivate with a child/or to have been lucky...
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    This forum seems largely dominated by North Americans. fine, and probably shouldn't be an issue. The reason I bring it up is because I host couchsurfers from all over the world. Total strangers stay in my home and tell me about their times and their travels. They tell me about...
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    A general discussion about redheads

    I'm interested in this as I have red hair. And it has come up elsewhere. I've had partners that are almost fetish-like in their red-haired devotion. I've also come across people who say "oh, are people scared of you because they think you are deeply, seriously big with your emotional state ?"...
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    Best regards from down under :)

    Best regards :) Hi all...I must declare upfront I've gained much from having a quick read of the odd topic here. So I've felt I should say hello and contribute. I've probably always sat close to polyamory. Although was not overly familiar with that word until recently. In my past I've had...