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  1. River

    Objectification (sexual, etc.)

    As a bi man, I've been often rather astonished at how little discussion one can find, or participate in, anywhere, about sexual objectification in the gay/bi/queer male milieu. One can find plenty -- from feminists and feminism -- about this problem in the het milieu. In the gay/bi/queer male...
  2. River


    A thread for thinking out loud about gender.
  3. River

    April Foolishness

    A place to share stories of April Fools jokes--, your own and those you've heard about. When I "google" this topic I get mostly an avalanche of corporate / commercial gags meant to get free publicity for brands or products as "news". Let's not pass that crap around, okay? Thanks!
  4. River

    Curious Combinations

    This morning I've been pondering the idea of creating unusual, but hopefully delicious, non-alcoholic drink mixes or blends. I suppose this is due to my enthusiasm about the warming weather in springtime and the fact that my life is becoming much more social lately (again) than it has been...
  5. River


    ... a place to post poems, one's own or another's.
  6. River

    River's Random Reflections

    To reflect, according to one of its multiple dictionary definitions, is … "to think, meditate, or ponder." You're invited to listen in as do just that. And if you want you can comment on my reflections or ask questions. I'm going to give myself a very expansive space in which to reflect on...
  7. River

    Advice Versus Collaborative Inquiry

    While reading in the forum today it occurred to me that sometimes people will offer or ask for advice when what might be of greater use is what might be called collaborative inquiry. By collaborative inquiry, I mean exploring a topic or question together not so much in order to get to advice...
  8. River

    Book: "Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart"

    I'm starting -- again -- to read this book. Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart: Nature, Intimacy, and Sexual Energy by Julie McIntyre I owned a copy of this book years ago... but somehow it disappeared. I...
  9. River

    Dating & Sex

    I'm deliberately leaving the topic title broad, but mostly what I'm wanting is to listen in (and chime in occasionally) as folks talk about questions like "Is it ever too soon to have sex while dating someone?". I suspect the answer to that would both vary widely and would be qualified by...
  10. River

    She Blinded Me With Science

    "She Blinded Me With Science" is (was?) a mediocre pop song from Thomas Dolby, which is memorable for the same reason we remember certain tv ads from twenty or forty years ago. The song sounded much like an avertisement jingle, actually. I thought that title was slightly more interesting than...
  11. River

    Mental Health

    I did a "tag" search on "mental health," but didn't find a thread which seemed appropriate for my question. So I'm starting this thread so we have one very broadly conceived location for questions like mine on mental health issues in relationships, generally. I'll put "mental health" in the...
  12. River

    Nearing a decade (duck egg?)

    I just attempted to revive two LONG disused threads that are nearing decade age or have surpassed it. I arrived here first on 03-12-2009. It's nearing ten years -- a duck age -- since that date. If a duck were to lay one egg every single day for ten years, that'd be 3,650 eggs, roughly...
  13. River


    Wikipedia defines etiquette as " ... a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group." In the Wikipedia article on etiquette, under the heading of "Politeness," it says, Naturally, at...
  14. River

    Flakes, flaking, flakiness

    Flakes, of course, are folks who don't follow through on what they say they're gonna do, whether it be to meet up with you for a "date" or [ fill in the blank ]. Flakiness (it seems to me!) used to be ... occasional in my life. It would happen now and then. Often rescheduling would happen and...
  15. River

    Human Connection

    I just read (well, part of) an article which begins, "There’s nothing weird about owning a sex doll. Most of us would, if they were cheaper." (Source: ) Okay, I didn't even get far into that article before coming...
  16. River


    Share your favorite recipes here. Or tell of your favorite dishes. Or restaurants.... Or ... anything about food at all. Just food. Eats. Grubs.... Also, food memories -- best, worst, indifferent.... Anything, really. Oh, and a question: What are your favorite quick and easy (to make)...
  17. River

    Rotating word games and puzzles

    ... or, rather, ever-changing word games and puzzles. It goes like this: Someone posts a word game or puzzle along with a description of how the game or puzzle works. Someone solves the puzzle or wins the game. And then a new game or puzzle can be offered up. I guess we'll be needing games...
  18. River

    Does the word truth mean ... anything?

    I'm sorry, but I did not get the memo which explains which very basic words in the English vocabulary are held to have a commonly held ... uh, meaning. Does the word meaning mean anything? Does "anything" mean, uh, anything? Will someone please tell me what planet I am on?:confused...
  19. River

    The world billionaire problem

    The world has a problem ... with billionaires. I was reading this fascinating article about Chinese art thefts, which makes some mention of how Chinese billionaires with Chinese government connections are woven into the complex story. And this got me thinking..., wondering about the role of...
  20. River

    Amazing News We Never Hear About

    A place to post quite surprising bits of news which goes under-reported or which we hear little or nothing. Postings should be fact-checked and/or come from news (or information) sources which are generally held to be reliable. No fake news here!