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  1. Inaniel

    opened my Heart to Polyamory but feel used

    I know a lot can be said about this situation. But what this all culminated to is your wife breaking up with you. And if you can’t figure out what to do next maybe you should seek solo counseling to talk about your attachment issues.
  2. Inaniel

    Non transparency on Poly couple

    I think it is a useful discussion in a relationship as it relates to the unique dynamic… I also think broad generalizations about gender directed at individual people can be hurtful in the same way it can be when race and sexuality are used in the same way… That is a tricky thing to navigate...
  3. Inaniel

    Non transparency on Poly couple

    Men fall into the social obligation trap too…. Fighting social norms is something we all deal with. Like the universal expectation for the man to pay for the date or take on a provider role is something I deal with when dating. For every woman complaining about “men” being slobs or only...
  4. Inaniel

    Non transparency on Poly couple

    If you aren’t doing it for more matches/dates I am struggling to understand your motivation…
  5. Inaniel

    Non transparency on Poly couple

    Dishonesty because “guys” have a hard time? Because “women” are dishonest? Just own it…. If you lie because you get more matches, and you enjoy that attention/engagement/practice? That’s fine. I’m not judging. I left out the “poly” in my profile for a time to figure out my best pictures...
  6. Inaniel

    Needing help with a poly marriage

    I will say it again... Love cannot be stomped out... You are stuck in a cycle; it is clear Wife has chosen to deceive you rather than leave you. For whatever reason. Back on the emotional carousel ride again, until you catch her in another lie. When will you choose to get off the ride? Just...
  7. Inaniel

    In the garden

    I think it's immature to reduce the issue further with name calling. Honestly. wow. And you insult a man by calling him a derogatory term that is slanderous to women? And then go on about feminism? I'm so confused because the term "bitch-ass" is a slander men call each other when one of the...
  8. Inaniel

    Roommate threatening to "out" me to my husband (lmao)

    I am in a very similar situation to your own, since 2017. I have some thoughts, not to be confused with criticism, just little things I have noticed along my journey. Failure to disclose a poly situation to a roommate can lead to distress for that person. From a friend or outsider’s...
  9. Inaniel

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    If I could choose just one superpower, it would be the ability to create more time… I am back from New Mexico, 5lbs heavier. There aren’t many things I miss about where I grew up, but the food… I miss the food.. There are so many things I want to journal about... Though I feel like I have to...
  10. Inaniel

    First Date Night

    Are people generally so sensitive? My first date with Daisy and Bird was at a brewery and we sat at a two person square table and I pulled a third chair from somewhere else and sat in the middle. After that we went to a bar and I think Bird and Daisy sat next to each other and I next to Daisy...
  11. Inaniel

    First Date Night

    Dinner, cooking Broadway, comedy show, ball game Museum, aquarium, zoo Painting and cocktail class Horseback riding, hiking, skiing Trivia, board games, karaoke Bowling, mini golf, bumper boats, kart racing Rafting trip, canoes, traveling, tours, exploring, walking Options are endless…. You...
  12. Inaniel

    how tf do hinges do it

    This is an interesting topic because there are so many variables in every individual’s life, and when you multiply those variables by the number of people in a relationship the result is an exponential growth of chaos to deal with. lol Career goals and ambitions alone for some individuals might...
  13. Inaniel

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    Back from SoCal... Family stuff went well… Everyone attending the reunion, about eighteen of us, all stayed in a large Oceanside Airbnb. We didn’t arrange lodging so there was some uncertainty about sleeping arrangements prior to the trip. Our trio ended up with two private bedrooms and that...
  14. Inaniel

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    Flying tomorrow. Not my favorite activity. Love to travel, do not love flying... Daisy thinks I have trouble differentiating feelings of anxiety and excitement. That is probably accurate. I should work on that. Xanax for now... We are all attending a family reunion on my mothers side. I...
  15. Inaniel

    Advice Appreciated: Staying “Patient?” for Equal Partnership?

    I think you are already living a polyamorous lifestyle with Tiffany. Maybe I am splitting hairs... The way I interpret your situation is that you desire a relationship configuration that you aren't getting... You aren't working with any promises of ever attaining the relationship structure you...
  16. Inaniel

    How to introduce monogamous partner to the idea of polyamory?

    I have noticed a lot of people in traditionally monogamous relationships go through a sort of crisis when the realization comes (when they get the feels for someone else).. And that crisis appears to happen often in people living in societies with love based marriage. I know you aren't...
  17. Inaniel

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    Busy weekend. Prepping for a trip to SoCal on Friday. Shopping is done, and now it's up to amazon to deliver my socks on time. I have too many clothes and need to cull the herd. I made a small change to my workout; doubling the amount of time in extension for weight lifting. It feels really...
  18. Inaniel

    How to introduce monogamous partner to the idea of polyamory?

    Have you known about the poly desires from the conception of the relationship or are these feelings something new to you?
  19. Inaniel

    Does marriage affect autonomy in Polyamory?

    Borrowing wisdom from the future I see… 😉
  20. Inaniel

    Increased interest in my wife after time with another woman, whats that called?

    I experience it… I think of it as missing my partners. Similar to when I travel alone for work, there is usually a period of re-connection upon returning home, where we give one another a bit more attention than usual. Maybe what you are experiencing is a result of placing energy in another...