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  1. SlowPoly

    Scarleteen on Polyamory

    I love the Scarleteen website, and send my kids (and other youngsters I know and care about) to for spot-on advice and education about sex and relationships. In fact, I just this week reminded two of my teens to spend some time browsing the site Today I saw that they have a...
  2. SlowPoly

    Years of love, years of slow change, and what's next?

    I'm too old for this (I keep hearing in the general buzz of society), but I'm hoping that the embryo inside me will stick around and become M's first child. ___ I met M when we were in high school. I loved M early and long. M tolerated my puppy dog behavior in high school, and in college we...
  3. SlowPoly

    Divorce on principle

    I was married to W when it became apparent that M was going to stay a part of my life forever. While W and I both thought of M as an equally "primary" relationship for me, the social and legal status of marriage meant we leaned on a lot of de facto couple privilege. Singles get the shaft in our...
  4. SlowPoly

    This is how it works for us.

    Here I am, successfully, blissfully polyamorous, with little specific help to offer and even less need for support. I registered in order to post a sort of testimony to the sustainability of yet another shape of poly. My two life partners don't know each other, but they've known about each...