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  1. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    Now I'm annoyed. Now I'm really fucking annoyed. Can just catch a damn break in this crap? My stepdad is dying. And the particulars are so weird I can't even write them here. I'm in a world of lack of information, which doesn't help anything. I gave myself a head cold over it. And my...
  2. NovemberRain

    Nobody's Fool

    What a delightful story! I'm so glad you shared it...started it...made a blog. Such a pleasure to see your joy. Also, just wanted to mention that there actually are professional cuddlers. Google 'professional cuddler' and see! :D
  3. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    In other news, I'm going to be needing to do a bunch of radical self-love. I think he's actually moving in with me. eeep! :eek: He's threatened to more than once over the years. He mutters about going broke and ending up sleeping on my couch. I told my friend I think he said it to scare...
  4. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    Wait, you are one of us? Did I miss this? :) How did I miss this? The mole in question was under my panty line. Around the same latitude as my hysterectomy scar, but further to the right side. So, a challenging area to heal. It's not raised or lumpy at all. Just darker than most of my...
  5. NovemberRain

    Lost trust and how to get it back

    What GalaGirl said. What I say is DTMF and fast. He isn't interested in gaining your trust. He isn't interested in keeping his agreements. My father used to tell me: 'people vote with their feet.' His feet are not voting in your direction. All his words of you being 'enough' do not match...
  6. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    oh, and MeeraReed, the mole was nothing. Thirteen freakin' stitches for NOTHING. It was just under the top of my bikini line, so it took forever to heal. It's actually still purple which I think is not good, but no one seems to think a thing about it. I had gone in to Dermatology because I...
  7. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    I'm so touched by your replies, thank you. When I was a kid, in my dysfunctional family of origin, I was the 'lost child.' I was actually all of them, because I was an only child - but lost child was my deep comfort zone. And I frequently forget that now. Until someone 'sees' me. I am...
  8. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    oh but wait, there's moar! In August, I had a mole checked, and the doc called to say the biopsy was 'weird.' Yes, actually said weird. I told him, 'that would be MY biopsy then. Weird is what my body does.' But they had to excise it - freaking 13 stitches! Office procedure, but annoying...
  9. NovemberRain

    Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

    omigosh, Kevin! I remember when you arrived here at I'm so glad I got to read this. I knew the tiniest part of your story. So so sweet to read about your loves and your life. Last time I was really here, you were still in the sunshine. I'm going this memorial day to take my...
  10. NovemberRain

    Getting to know people / Dreams

    My dream life looks a LOT like JaneQSmythe's real life. :) <3 That said, I approach it more like nycindie - based on the situation, what I know, etc. That said, I like this for a question: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  11. NovemberRain


    I love to flirt also. I think if the people you flirt with are friends, and you're unsure, it would totally be consensual-hot if you would just ask. 'You know, I'm learning a lot about consent, and I'd like to ask you how you feel about our flirty conversation. Is it okay with you, or would...
  12. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    Well, then. Now it's been even longer. My 'been through a lot' did not end there. :P About the time I was getting diagnosed (it's all a blur), I started having a weird tingling in my face. It felt cool and wet, like I had drooled - but it was dry. It came and went and I couldn't get any of...
  13. NovemberRain

    "I'm not leaving you, I'm leaving poly."

    Annabel, I'm so grateful that you've shared your experience, in your journal, and in this thread. It's good to be reminded that other people can be friends with people they've stopped having as lovers. Deep, loving friends. My meatspace people have a hard time understanding why my...
  14. NovemberRain

    Random Questions for Fellow Polyshippers!

    Hi! (sorry, not up to proper quoting tonight) 1. First of all, with the moving in stuff... we are working on a pro and con list. Do you have any thoughts on how to know if it's a good idea to move in together? How much of the future do you really need to think about? The next year, 5 years? I...
  15. NovemberRain

    Secondary? No thanks!

    Hi opalescent :) I doubt it would suit me either. FWIW, I am also an only child. Well, I didn't get my siblings until I was a teen, via my dad's second marriage. My partner is an extreme introvert. I figured when I had the two of them, I might get enough attention. (it didn't work out so...
  16. NovemberRain

    my journey into radical self-love

    Hallooo everybunny! Well, it's been WAY too long. So much has happened. Finally got a new boss at work (about just after I wrote that last post). I applied for the job I'd been 'acting' in for over a year, and someone else was hired. He actually was a great choice, I just think they handled...
  17. NovemberRain

    Am I poly?

    Not really for us to judge. :) There are poly/mono things. If she wants others and you can't allow it, then perhaps you shouldn't be having others. But I had partners who were content not to have others. Having a hard time with feelings doesn't make you 'not-poly.' :) Actually, being a...
  18. NovemberRain

    Herding Instinct 101

    I haven't anything useful at the moment (I should have been asleep hours ago). I wanted to get into this thread though, so I can follow it and if I think of something useful to add, I can find it again. I am intrigued by your thoughts on this. :)
  19. NovemberRain

    Keeping relationships separate

    Not long after I was poly with two boyfriends; I said to FBF, 'this is hard, because I don't want to bitch about CBF.' He asked why not, and I can't remember what I said. But he said you can talk to me about him (they were both friends, and I'd been bitching to FBF for years about CBF, it...
  20. NovemberRain

    getting back together (sort of) with ex-bf - experiences?

    I got back together with an ex. We were apart for 8 or 9 years. And he remained in the 'friendship' circle that whole time. When I was with him, he became friends with a guy; and the three of us spent lots of time together. When I broke up with him, after some time, I started going with the...