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  1. RfromRMC

    North Carolina...

    Updated list of Poly groups in NC Here's a NEW update on Poly groups in NC. Poly NC Facebook Page: -- Statewide NC Polyamory facebook community. Announcements and discussions. Triangle Polyamory Meetup: Serving the Raleigh, Durham...
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    Raleigh NC: Intro to Polyamory discussion

    Another introductory talk will be held May 29th: :)
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    Polyamory in television shows

    Definitely agree that it's good PR. And while you're right, it's not a recruitment thing, I certainly hope there will be some people out there who see this and go "You know, I've always felt this need to love more than one person too. I need to think long and hard about this concept." So...
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    Lesbian couple & polyamorous

    Welcome to the site. As a gay poly guy, I do not know of any polyamory sites or services that are LGBT-specific. I really think starting with you local poly community and your local lgbt community---and trying to form a bridge between the two---is your best bet. It has worked for me so far...
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    Polyamory in television shows

    I thought it was extremely well-done. Poly in the Media ( has some reviews and clips and you can see how good it is. Also found a 3 minute clip that was cut from the final edit, that you can see online...
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    Husband demands a houseboy (permanent threesome arrangement)

    I got to this thread late and lots of good advice already. Suffice to say, this isn't Poly. This is part Dirty Old Man Syndrome, part Asshole-itis, and you need to free yourself from this creep as fast as possible. It is NOT ethical nonmonogamy when someone pushes another person around to...
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    We are not all Unicorn Hunters!

    Or more pointedly, they outweigh the number of actual single poly bi females seeking a MF couple. Which is why they are called "Unicorns", as in, something rare, and hard to find. Perhaps a more polite way would be to say "Unicorn Seekers" instead of "Hunters". (Unless they are doing it...
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    Raleigh NC: Intro to Polyamory discussion

    Oh definitely! So many questions---we went past our allotted time! :D :cool:
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    Raleigh NC: Intro to Polyamory discussion

    Help spread the word if you know others in North Carolina that could benefit from this great program! Thanks! :cool:
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    Starting a Group

    I don't know much at all about UUPA, but I am assistant organizer with my local poly meetup. It's a big group in a growing metro, so we try to fill the calendar with a hodgepodge of stuff and cover the whole region evenly. Mostly social meetups---that brings out the most interest by far...
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    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    I wish!!! :p I'm getting antsy. :D .....or smoke crack! :D :D lol .
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    Raleigh NC: Intro to Polyamory discussion

    Research Triangle Area Polyamory will host an open discussion panel, "Polyamory & Ethical Nonmonogamy: An Introduction" on January 30 at 7:30pm at the Raleigh LGBT Center. (411 Hillsborough Street, downtown Raleigh). Info can be found here...
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    Hubby and boyfriend dating (our new BF)

    Sounds great! Glad to hear it's going well! :cool:
  14. RfromRMC

    Three men unique situation

    Agree with Jane. I'm glad y'all are seeing counselors and I wish luck with the sex therapist too. The good news is there is a LOT of silver lining to your cloud. I highly recommend focusing on the good things going on as much as you can---it should lessen the anxiety you're feeling about this...
  15. RfromRMC

    Three men unique situation

    Well you're right to be concerned because when you're talking triads, the "weakest link" can often set the tone for entire triadic relationship. Been there, done that. Fortunately though it's pretty clear you love both your partners and both love you. So fortunately it's only a sexual link...
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    Online Dating… OKCupid... what a trip. What works for you?

    All that could be factors. Women in poly do tend to have less trouble finding possible partners. That's well known. You mention location---geography is always a huge factor. What do you know of the poly population in your region? Have you reached out and made friends? Are there even a...
  17. RfromRMC

    Bi = Poly?

    It's over-generalizing, for sure. I've often said, instead, that when bisexuals learn what polyamory is and that it's an option, they're more likely to understand the advantages of it and how it can be logically a good thing. I think they tend to have a more open mind, possibly as a result of...
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    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    The really really short messages are becoming more and more common as people are used to a text & app-based world. Instead of using these sites as a personal ad that you read thoroughly then type out a well-thought response, folks these days (particularly males under 35) will just use it as an...
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    Polyamory-friendly counselors

    Is there a poly group anywhere near you? Maybe some of the members can refer you.